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Feb. 18th, 2008



Coming very soon we will indeed finally be having the 2nd wave of the rwhgfqf. Rules, information, and dates will be posted in this community ASAP.

For now, what we're looking for are prompts.

In light of the series coming to an end, we'll have a few new categories this go around. When you leave a prompt, please indicate if it is:

+The Hogwarts Years-1st through 6th(these can be AU)
+Deathly Hallows-Defeat of Voldemort. Events surrounding the final book--AU Will be allowed.
+Missing Moments-Canon Missing Moments Years 1-6 and Deathly Hallows
+Post Deathly Hallows Future Stories!

We'll be accepting prompts through March 1, 2008. The list of challenges will go up on March 4th and then everyone can claim their favorites!

If you really want a prompt that has been claimed we may alter the rules slightly in order to get a huge amount of fic!

Rules will be posted no later than Friday February 22nd, 2008.

Feb. 10th, 2008


The Second Wave is coming!!!

Hi my co-mod and I are working out the time frame for the next FQF. We'll start accepting claims on Saturday February 23rd and run through February 29th. On March 1st the claims will be up for the grabbing!

We're looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


Jul. 21st, 2007

RAR!!!! - me.  ;))


Coming Soon...

In light of NEW AND FINAL CANON, we'll be having another round of RWHGFQF very soon.

For now, I am accepting applications for a co-mod.

If you are interested, please send an email to rwhgfqf @ gmail . com. Include your LJ name, an age statement, and any previous moderating experience you may have.

Nov. 25th, 2006

RAR!!!! - me.  ;))


Admin: Rec your favourite R/Hr!

We've recently re-opened crack_broom, which is a multi-ship reccing community. We're greatly in need of people to sign up to rec Ron/Hermione - if we don't get a substantial number of people in the queue, we're going to knock R/Hr back to a rare pairing...and I KNOW R/Hr is certainly not a rare pairing.

Rules and regulations are here. Gateway to sign ups is here.

May. 29th, 2006

Ron Hermione line from hidden chamber (m


Come In From the Rain, Ron/Hermione, NC-17

Author: anamchara
Challenge: # 25 - Rain
Title: Come In From The Rain
Summary: Rainy afternoons don't have to be lonely. Ron thinks that Hermione's gone off on a date. He decides to drown his sorrows with alcohol and rain, but not everything is as it seems.
Warning: Sexually explicit fic
Word Count: 4,330
Rating: Adult/Mature/NC-17
Notes: I apologise for the extreme lateness of this fic. That'll teach me not to sign up for ficathons again.

Come In From The RainCollapse )

Dec. 30th, 2005



FIC: Unexpected Gifts, NC-17

Author: dsneyvoice
Challenge: #19: A way-post-Hogwarts one: Ron and Hermione broke up after what they thought was an unforgivable fight. Years later, they start to rekindle the romance, but they've both got baggage the other will have to accept.
Title: Unexpected Gifts
Summary: Hermione returns to the Burrow for Christmas two years after her breakup with Ron over a huge misunderstanding.
Warning: ummm...teh pr0n
Word Count: ~8,275
Rating: R/NC-17
Notes: This fic ended up being much harder for me then I thought it would be (hence the extreme lateness!). I tried to follow the challenge as much as possible, but didn't quite manage to get the "baggage" part in there as much as I'd wanted.
Huge thanks to lissannej for the wonderful and speedy beta!!

Unexpected GiftsCollapse )

Dec. 28th, 2005

getting the point art by seviet



So I am FINALLY done with my ridiculously late fic, and now all I need is a beta! Anyone willing? *bribes with virtual cookies/drabbles/etc* I tend to edit and obsessively read/re-read for SPaG as I write, so it would mainly be for continuity and Britpicking.

I had #19: A way-post-Hogwarts one: Ron and Hermione broke up after what they thought was an unforgivable fight. Years later, they start to rekindle the romance, but they've both got baggage the other will have to accept.

It's R/NC-17, approx. 8,280 words. I'd be able to e-mail it out later tonight after I get home; it certainly doesn't need to be done by today. ;)

Any takers?

Dec. 22nd, 2005

breathless 2


Better late than never. . .

Author: redblaze
Challenge: Ron and Hermione elope, but have to face their family and friends afterwards.
Title: Home for the Holidays
Summary: After four long years of searching for horcruxes and fighting, Harry, Ron and Hermione come home for Christmas.
Warning: Christmas mush, snoggage, and a few scandalous gifts.
Word Count: 18,278 (yes, you read that right. )
Rating: R
Notes: I have yet to do a challenge piece that was under 15,00 words and this was no exception. . .le sigh. This story was my first stab at post HBP canon and I did have fun with it (obviously.) I'm just sorry it took me so long to finish, but since it is a Christmas piece, I wanted to get it up for the holiday. Also, you might want to know that I used this picture drawn by the talented leelastarsky as my image of what I wanted Ron and Hermione's wedding picture to look like. I always thought it looked like a wedding picture and this challenge was the perfect place to put that amazing picture into an actual story. leelastarsky was kind enough to give me permission to use her drawing as their wedding picture and I hope she's not disappointed by the outcome because my muse certainly did wild things when it was forced to come up with a reason for Ron having long hair and a beard (not to mention an incredibly buff body.) Thanks as always to my wonderful betas, seakays and mrspadf00t1. This was a monster to beta!

On to the story. . .

Home for the Holidays

Dec. 4th, 2005



(no subject)

Author: bekkio
Challenge: HBP: Amortentia Potion -Fill in the third scent Hermione smelled
Title: Amortentia
Summary: Hermione almost lets slip the third scent she smelled during Potions Lessons.
Warning: none
Word Count: 1334
Rating: PG
Notes: I took my avoidance of dialogue to the extreme. Very Hermione-centric, more genfic like, but I did slip in Ron at the end. Thanks to chickadilly and my buddy Willene for looking over this for me.

Read more...Collapse )

Dec. 3rd, 2005



FIC: Blundering Through Delusion (2/2)

Second part of this.

Blundering Through DelusionCollapse )

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